who this be

It’s very good to find a new friend who will let you talk about Jim Halpert for hours

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what the fuck it’s AUGUST

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Ofc not he would be a beautiful cinderella

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#kendrick Lamar for Cinderella

Fat privilege: not breaking bones cos you’re surrounded by personal bouncy castle

08-01-14 5

When u KNOW u have class in the morn but you just wanna annoy kendrick fans all night long

07-31-14 3

Doesn’t matter how much fat I got BECAUSE it means my skeleton is safer than all u skinny idiots out there

Have fun breaking all your dumb bones cos you don’t have bouncy protection

#100% medically certified #facts
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Joke’s on you kendrick fans I gained 3 followers

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#now who's Cinderella #its me

Idea: reshoot into the woods but laverne cox is cinderella

Why can’t Beyonc√© be Cinderella

Brandy is the best Cinderella put her in Into The Woods

07-31-14 9
#how about #black fairytale characters #how about we do that for the little black girls who are gonna see this movie #and see no grown up pretty black girls #only grown up skinny white girls #laverne cox for Cinderella
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