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They say I only think in the form of crunching numbers, in hotel rooms collecting page six lovers.

Get me out of my mind and get you out of those clothes, I'm a liner away from getting you into the mood.
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Your Diary starring David Tennant, Emily Deschanel, and Amanda Tapping (suggested by different-heartbeats)

Suddenly you’ll move away from me
What more is it that I could be, if you move away from me
You on that train
I was alone in your room
When there on the floor, I saw a little black book
You left it there on the floor
Open it up and its
Your diary, your diary, open and inviting me back
- Your Diary, Franz Ferdinand

Plain ordinary Alinka (Deschanel) keeps a first person diary of the woman she wishes she could be. Her alter ego, Jennifer (Tapping) is wild, spontaneous, sexy and flirty - everything that Alinka is afraid to be. While writing in her diary on the train under the guise of her alter ego, she writes a particularly raunchy entry about the passenger across from her. After accidentally leaving her diary on the seat, the passenger across, Lucas (Tennant) picks it up. He falls in love with this wild flirty woman, not realising that she’s a fictional character. When he reaches the final raunchy entry which could only be about him, he sets out to return the diary and win her heart - but what happens when he realises that the woman he’s seeking is the exact opposite of the character he fell in love with? Has he fallen in love with the woman Alinka could never be, or is she waiting for someone to help her discover how to be Jennifer?

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